Payday Advance

Make Payday Happen Sooner with Payday Advance

Will an upcoming withdrawal make your account go into the negative? Do you have plans for the weekend and want to take advantage of an early payday? Payday Advance may be just the thing for you!

With our new Payday Advance program, you can get your direct deposit up to 3 days in advance*. Once your direct deposit shows as a pending ACH transaction, click "Post Now" and follow the prompts to get your deposit instantly.

*Payday Advance is available for a $15 fee. $15 must be available at the time of the request and cannot be taken from pending deposit. Not all electronic deposits will be available up to 3 days early. The date the funds are available ahead of the normal posting date depends entirely on the company sending the deposit. Cannot be done as a recurring transaction. 

Payday Advance can be activated in online banking (see below) or by calling the credit union. For more information regarding Payday Advance, contact the credit union. 

How to use Payday Advance

Step 1: See that your direct deposit is pending. In the mobile app, it will be indicated by "ACH Transaction"


Step 2: Click on "ACH Transactions" to open your pending direct deposit and click, "Post Now"


Step 3: Select the account you want the $15 taken from.