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Service Fees

Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
Money Orders $2.50 Each
Teller Checks $2.50 Each *
Cashiers Checks $5.00 Each *
ATM Card $1.00 plus tax/month ♦
ATM Card Replacement Fee $5.00
ATM Transaction Fees
  • Unlimited at Advantage Credit Union ATM location and unlimited point of sale transactions.
  • 10 Free at SHAZAM ATMs, $0.60 plus tax per transaction over 10
  • $1.00 plus tax per transaction at Non-SHAZAM ATMs in U.S.
  • $2.50 plus tax per transaction at Non-SHAZAM ATMs outside the U.S.
Visa® Check Card No Monthly fee; Visa transactions FREE. ATM transaction fees same as above.
Visa® Gift Card $2.00
Incoming Wire Transfer $3.50
Wires Outgoing $15.00 Domestic; International wires will vary
ACH Stop Payment $20 plus tax
Account Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Photocopies $0.10 per copy
Account Research $20 per hour
Return Mail Fee $5 per quarter
Returned Cashed or Deposited Checks $15.00
Fax Usage $1.00 per page
Account Closure Fee $10.00 if within first 180 days of opening account
Voice Response with CU Talk FREE-Call 1-866-790-4553; toll free 24/7
Home Banking/Mobile Banking FREE
Online Bill Pay FREE
Automatic Transfers FREE
Notary Public FREE

♦ Monthly fee can be avoided by replacing with Visa Check Card.

* Fee Waived for Share Draft Plus Accounts.