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Prime Share Account

A Prime Share Account is our basic building block for financial success.  This account unlocks all the benefits your credit union has to offer. Your $25 minimum deposit gives you ownership rights of the credit union as well as voting privileges in choosing our board of directors. Every member is required to keep at least $25 in the account at all times for membership.  With this account you will have access to the wide range of other great services that we provide at ACU!

Rate & Fee Schedule Brochure

Minimum Balance to Open: $25
Minimum Daily Balance: $25
Interest Rate: 0.15% up to $2,000
Interest Rate: 0.35% over $2,000
Annual Percentage Yield: 0.15% up to $2,000
Annual Percentage Yield: 0.35% over $2,000

Dividends are calculated on the daily balance method and paid monthly at rates set by the board of directors, based on credit union earnings.

The first rate and the APY stated is on the first $2,000 in the regular share account.  The second rate stated is on the balance $2,001 and over.

Account closure fee of $10.00 if account is closed within first 6 months of opening the account.

Your deposits with Advantage Credit Union are federally insured up to at least $250,000 with the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. For more information on federal share insurance, go to or call the Credit Union at 800-824-2575.